Best Lab Grown Engagement Ring

Looking for the best certified lab grown diamond ring? Here, we handcraft Singapore's best engagement rings with lab grown diamonds. Being natural and lab diamond wholesalers means that we can offer the highest value on loose lab diamonds as well as ready lab diamond jewellery. We're the only Singaporean jewellers who guarantee the lowest prices on lab diamond rings. With hundreds of unique diamond rings available in-stock, you can order online or visit our jewellery boutique in Singapore.

At our lab grown diamond jewellery showrooms you can choose from unique lab grown diamond rings and lab diamond wedding rings. Our lab grown diamond engagement ring designs come in Round, Oval, Emerald, Cushion and Pear shapes. Some of the popular lab grown diamond ring sizes we stock include 1 carat lab grown diamond engagement rings, 2 carat lab grown diamond rings, 3 carat lab diamond rings and even larger sizes such as 4 carat lab grown diamond rings and 5 carat lab grown diamond engagement rings.

Browse our range or visit one of our our specialist lab grown diamond jewellery boutiques in Singapore to see our exclusive collection.

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